Olivia and Adrian’s home is full of wonderful photographs, many that Olivia had taken herself over the years of close friends and family. So I knew just how important it was for her to capture these wonderful early months in Freddie’s life so that they would always have them to cherish and look back on.

The shoot took place at their home when Freddie was just 12 weeks old. This relaxed atmosphere allowed everyone to have fun and enjoy the shoot, and for Olivia to tend to Freddie’s needs whenever he needed a feed or nappy change. The result – simply fabulous images!

Natural and very real images that displayed their overwhelming love and joy of Freddie and their delight in being a family. Olivia, Adrian and I spent another lovely evening together viewing their show case of images and deciding which ones they would like to have framed and give to family as gifts.

We worked together to select frames that would not only suit the images they had chosen but that also complimented their beautiful home. A very busy two days were spent hanging all of the finished pictures and it was wonderful to see the collection complete and hanging at home as we had designed. Wonderful memories that will last a lifetime…